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Vaccine Technology & Consultancy

Vaccine technology

Virtuvax provides strategic advice, technology and expertise for the development of vaccines. This includes the design and management of an R&D program until a strategy for market access. In addition, we provide off-the-shelf technology, for influenza vaccines as well as technology for mucosal delivery of vaccines. Altogether, Virtuvax enables the swift transition of your product to a marketed vaccine. Let's make technology work.

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Founded in 2016, Virtuvax B.V. aims to make vaccine technology work! Virtuvax is headed by Dr. Ernst Soethout and provides consultancy for:

  • Design and management of vaccine R&D programs

  • Interim management

  • Business development and market access strategies for vaccines

Dutch vaccine technology accelerate vaccine development
Our team
Virtuvax serves various parties with advice and expertise:


  • Vaccine companies

  • Biotech companies, universities and knowledge institutes

  • Biopharmaceutical industry

  • ​Public health agencies

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Our services
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