Virtuvax provides parties from various backgrounds with advice and expertise:


  • Biotech companies, universities and knowledge institutes

  • ​Vaccine manufacturers

  • Biopharmaceutical industry

  • ​Funding organizations such as VCs, governments and foundations

  • ​Public health agencies


Virtuvax B.V. was founded early 2016 and is headed by Ernst Soethout. Having extensive experience in pharmaceutical research, vaccine development and business development, we strive to accelerate vaccine development and make the best possible vaccine technology available to our clients. For this, we make use of our extensive network in the vaccine industry, governments and the academic field.

Virtuvax provides strategic advice, technology and expertise for the development of your vaccine. Our programs range from the development of single unit steps to full development starting from early concept until market authorization. We may generate your business plan or even design and build your new production facility. In addition, we provide off-the-shelf technology for the production of influenza vaccine. Altogether, our vaccine development programs enable the swift transition of your technology to a marketed vaccine. Let's make technology work.

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Vaccine technology, vaccine development, business development & consultancy

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