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Whom do we work for?

Virtuvax provides parties from various backgrounds with advice and expertise:

​SMEs, universities and knowledge institutes

Virtuvax guides the valorization of your technology, to reach essential milestones and prove the value of your product. Virtuvax designs a development program to advance your technology, create value and ultimately attract interest of vaccine manufacturers and funding organizations.

​Vaccine manufacturers

Virtuvax identifies technology to expand your product portfolio. Subject to your requirements, this may entail biosimilar vaccine technology as well as cutting edge vaccine technology. We find the technology that best suits your goals, accelerate its development and advance the technology for swift implementation in your facilities. Should you have any need for outsourcing R&D projects or outsource production steps, we find the best parties that comply with your needs. In addition, we may enable in- and outlicensing of technologies.

Biopharmaceutical Industry

Manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of the growing demand in emerging markets. Virtuvax helps with the identification of these opportunities as well as with the matchmaking between parties. We help vaccine manufacturers expanding their product portfolio to include e.g. biosimilar products. We provide options to in-license such products, we may design a business strategy and assist in executing such strategy to get the biopharmaceutical product to the market. Having the necessary working hours in emerging markets, Virtuvax is a safe partner to expand your biopharmaceutical product portfolio.

Funders: Investors, Governments and Health Foundations

Virtuvax helps with the identification of vaccine technologies that fit your investment strategy. We select the best technology based upon a strategy that is tailored to your requirements. By coupling a development strategy to the selected vaccines, Virtuvax increases the chance of adoption of the technology by the vaccine industry and thus maximizes the chance of a successful exit.

Public agencies: governmental health organizations and foundations

Vaccines are an indispensable means to sustain public health. Governments often seek to expand their EPI ('expanded program of immunization') or aim to change from procurement of vaccines to local production. Whereas expanding the EPI may be highly cost-effective and starting local production often is a cost-effective undertaking, budgetary constraints may limit the necessary investments. Virtuvax assists manufacturers in taking up essential vaccine technology and helps in finding the initial funding that is required. 

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