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Mucosis vaccine technology

For inlicensing or complete acquisition

Extensive vaccine technology available
In June 2017 the biotech vaccine company Mucosis filed for bankruptcy, following a discontinuation of funding by its owners. By then, Mucosis had developed vaccines for over 10 years against against various diseases such as RSV, pneumococci and influenza. These technologies are now made available by Virtuvax on behalf of the Trustee, including full IP rights, extensive know-how and materials.
Ernst Soethout, managing director
mobile +31 (0) 6 2989 4729
Virtuvax BV - IJsvogelwaard 4, 3984MS, Odijk, The Netherlands
A versatile technology inducing a balanced local immune response
A plug- and play vaccine platform enabling needle-free administration. The technology uses the bacterium-like particle (BLP), which is derived from a safe, food-grade bacterium, stimulating the immune response and enabling administration of the vaccine on the mucosa. The vaccine can be simply mixed with the vaccine antigen or bound to the surface of the BLP using dedicated and patented linker technology. Mimopath has been extensively tested in preclinical and phase I clinical studies.
A highly stable prefusion F vaccine against RSV
A unique vaccine against RSV based on a highly stable pre-fusion F antigen of the virus. The vaccine was developed until phase I clinical and comes with a solid patent portfolio providing protection until 2033, extensive know-how files, GMP seed strains and materials.
Against S.pneumoniae
An intranasal vaccine broadly effective against pneumococci. The vaccine is based on conserved pneumococcal protein antigens, obviating the disadvantages that come with traditional pneumococcal vaccine production based on capsular polysaccharides.
Against influenza

A new seasonal influenza vaccine candidate that can be administered intranasally. It uses the Mimopath technology for antigen presentation and can be combined with traditional egg- or cell-based antigen production. Tested in a Phase I clinical study, FluGEM was well tolerated, showed acceptable conversion rates as to EMA guidelines and a potent mucosal immune response in the nose​.

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