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Our technologies

Virtuvax is designing its own portfolio of vaccine technologies and will make these available for licensing. Our first product is VirtuFlu, which covers the complete technology necessary for the production of influenza vaccines.

The VirtuFlu technology is designed and transferred in a collaboration of Virtuvax' partners. VirtuFlu entails technology for the egg-based production of whole or split influenza vaccine. The technology is offered including documentation covering USP, DSP, QC and basic RA as well as hands-on training in production of the vaccine. Various extras may be included in the transfer, such as the design of a production plant, the outline of a regulatory strategy and the consultancy for USP and DSP on-site. The tech transfer is executed by experts in the field, including specialists from the Netherlands as well as other European countries. The hands-on training will be mainly given in the Netherlands. New trainings can be booked one year in advance.

Partner with us

We are looking to expand our portfolio. If you have a GMP grade vaccine strain, production platform or cell line available for sale or for out licensing to third parties, we may be of help. We are ready to assist by designing a complete package of USP, DSP and QC trainings as well as executing the tech transfer. We are open to various business arrangements to make these products available to others, including in-licensing of the products by Virtuvax or constructing a full tech transfer program that you may use for arranging an out licensing strategy. Contact us today.

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