What we do

How we work

Virtuvax offers know-how, expertise and strategic contacts to accelerate vaccine development, while taking into account time-limits, costs and risks. In short, we turn theoretic knowledge into working vaccine technology, by following a focused approach including:

  • Identification of the clients’ needs.

  • Design of a roadmap, based on milestones and deliverables.

  • Finding and contracting the best possible partners having essential expertise for the project.

  • Management of the project.


Our approach results in products having significant value and sustaining global public health.

  • Programs for development of Novel vaccines and technologies


Developing novel vaccines is often challenging, as it generally requires large investments and long development time lines, while the attrition rates are high. We are dedicated to reduce time lines, decrease costs and increase success rates. We help you in writing your business case, identifying the strengths of your product and designing the development path until market authorization. We also assist in linking with funding organizations such as venture capitalists or foundations. To make sure that the technology is accepted in the market, we align with essential parties in the development chain including vaccine manufacturers and local governments. We pay significant attention to transfer of technology and we offer strategic business development to get the product sold, making use of our knowledge of the vaccine market.


  • Programs for development of Biosimilar vaccines


Global demand for vaccines is increasing, especially in emerging markets. The increasing demand for vaccines, warrants the expansion of local production in emerging economies and increases the need for biosimilar technologies. For the establishment of such production technologies, access to the appropriate vaccine seeds and/or production cell lines as well as the transfer of know-how to develop, produce and register vaccines. In some cases a production plant needs to be adapted or newly built. We offer a tailor-made approach that includes the identification of the required production technology and a strategy to acquire such. We develop and transfer essential process steps and we help in the development of a regulatory strategy, such as a roadmap for local marketing authorization or WHO prequalification. Moreover, we design and install a production facility together with our partners.


  • Off-the-shelf vaccine technologies


Virtuvax provides its own vaccine production technology for the production of influenza vaccines, VirtuFlu. We offer this program in close collaboration with our partners.

  • Vaccine consultancy


We offer specific support to our clients, including:

- executive management

- business development

- design of a strategy for the introduction of new vaccines or new vaccine technologies

- spinning-out of technology

- consultancy related to research and development of vaccines

What we offer