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Who we are

Founded in January 2016, Virtuvax provides over 20 years of expertise in vaccines. Acting out of the belief that multidisciplinary cooperation of experts is key for the development of new vaccines, Virtuvax may cooperate with partners offering the best possible solutions for the development of a new product. Our approach is to create a virtual platform in which all parties collaborate, ultimately until market authorization.


Virtuvax is a full service vaccine consultancy company. We help vaccine technology developed into a product and put into practice. Thereto we make use of the strengths of companies, institutes and universities. Our characteristics are:

  • Established in 2016

  • Headed by Ernst Soethout, expert in vaccine development

  • Collaborating with selected companies, institutes and universities which are champions in vaccinology

  • Serving vaccine companies that aim to have their technology taken further

  • Providing vaccine technology for inlicensing

  • Consulting vaccine companies with market access strategies

  • Assisting health authorities to improve vaccination policies

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Virtuvax B.V. is headed by Ernst Soethout, DVM PhD. Having extensive experience in pharmaceutical research, vaccine development and business development, Virtuvax serves the vaccine industry, governments and the academic field.

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Ernst Soethout, CEO


Phone: +31 6 29 89 47 29

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An expert in biopharmaceutical development with a crush on vaccines, I have broad experience in working in global collaborations. In over 20 years, I generated expertise in vaccines working with companies and NGOs from various parts of the world and built an extensive international network of KOLs. I was responsible for preclinical and clinical vaccine studies resulting in IP, furthering vaccine development. Furthermore, I advised multiple parties on vaccine development including EMA on registration policies, WHO on target product profiles and pharmaceutical companies on market access strategies. Overall, I am a team player aiming to share my passion for vaccine technology and drive for excellence. This approach is well received as I get positive feedback from clients and partners. As biotech entrepreneur, I founded and built my company Virtuvax to effectively develop biopharmaceuticals and have an extensive list of accomplishments (please find a list below). My aim is to continuously improve, e.g. by training at Harvard Business School or by learning on the job. I am looking forward to leveraging my expertise for introduction of your vaccine!

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Our fundamentals

Virtuvax is based on two basic principles. First, we believe in the virtues of excellent partnership and superior expertise for the development of vaccines. Second, we believe that major steps are taken when experts from different disciplines collaborate to take one specific technology forward. To bring these expert parties together, we create a virtual enterprise for each vaccine technology that we develop. Hence, the name Virtuvax, representing the very essentials of vaccine development we count on. 


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