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Phase I clinical trial data of Mucosis intranasal vaccine against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

Today phase I clinical trial data of the Mucosis intranasal RSV F protein vaccine were published on-line. The vaccine was shown to be safe and immunogenic and was shown to induce long-lasting anti-RSV antibodies in healthy adults despite high pre-existing antibody levels. The study was designed as a phase I, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial in 48 healthy volunteers aged 18-49 year and was executed by Imperial College London. Results were published in the high rated journal AJRCCM.

The vaccine was developed by Mucosis (NL) and incorporates an RSV-F protein with mutations to maintain a pre-fusion conformation while linkage to the immunostimulatory bacterium-like particle (BLP) provides TLR2-dependent adjuvation. Due to an immediate lack of funding, Mucosis filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Since then, all of the intellectual property, cell lines and materials of Mucosis are being made available by Virtuvax B.V., on behalf of the trustee Mr. Holtz, Bout Advocaten, Groningen, the Netherlands.

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